a woman sees her mental health benefit from medication management

What Is Medication Management in Mental Health?

Medication management is a comprehensive treatment approach that supports people in getting the most out of whatever medications they are on. It can be applied in a wide variety of settings. For example, medication management can be implemented in elderly folks with a wide range of medical issues just as readily as with someone who…

a person benefits from professional medication management

What Is the Importance of Medication Management?

Medications are common for treating a host of health issues. Moreover, many people require multiple medications at once to manage their disease or disorder. This is particularly true for the elderly population, which is naturally at risk of more complications as their bodies and minds age. Medication management is the process of coordinating prescription and…

a happy couple enjoys alcohol in moderation

How to Enjoy Alcohol in Moderation this Fall

Alcohol consumption is a definite American pastime. American culture is awash in alcohol advertisements, and it seems to be a prerequisite at many parties. Even though it is legal, alcohol is a drug that can be addictive and cause a host of problems. Nonetheless, drinking alcohol isn’t necessarily something to be avoided altogether. It is…

a woman has her medications properly managed by a confident professional

5 Benefits of Medication Management

Prescribing medications to address mental health concerns is not something doctors do lightly. They prescribe these medications with the belief that they can improve people’s mental health and quality of life. Medical professionals also understand that care extends beyond the mere prescription. This is an approach called medication management. Medication management comes from recognizing that…

a woman struggles with depression and self-harm and could benefit from a harm reduction program

Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is any set of programs, policies, or initiatives that seek to reduce harm related to substance abuse and addiction. While its application remains largely in the addiction field, mental healthcare providers are beginning to apply harm reduction principles to depression and self-harm. The framework remains the same where the point is not the…