For many people, their intimate, personal relationships are vital. Thus, maintaining and developing healthy relationships is something well worth pursuing. At Insight Into Action Therapy, we make relationship repair a top priority. We design our therapy to help couples manage crises, reconnect, and go through transitions.

/Relationships can often be harmed by faulty interactions, whether intentional or non-intentional. At Insight Into Action Therapy, we customize your couples counseling to help you identify and learn to meet each other’s needs. We are proud to support and offer relationship repair services to LGBTQ+ individuals at our treatment center.

Our experienced therapists, who specialize in relationship counseling, will help you determine the frequency of sessions you may need to achieve your goal of repairing your relationship the fastest. Because an hour a week may not be enough, we also offer extended and intensive sessions. This can mean meeting for longer sessions or meeting several times per week. Intensive weekend sessions can also be helpful if work or travel schedules are difficult.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Our experienced clinicians are trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a short-term psychotherapeutic approach to working with couples. This method has shown to be very effective at improving communication and understanding between individuals. Thus, it’s a fruitful form of counseling addressing relationship repair.

Based on Attachment Theory, EFT is a collaborative approach in which unhealthy relational patterns are identified as unsuccessful attempts to resolve conflict and maintain a secure bond with one’s partner. The goal of EFT is to expand and reorganize a couple’s emotional responses and facilitate more authentic interactions that will help to create a new, more secure bond.

More than 70-75% of couples move from distress to recovery, and 90% or more show significant improvement in marital satisfaction. Topics couples may work through in sessions can include:

  • Affair Recovery
  • Blending Families
  • Chemical and Process Addiction
  • Communication
  • Divorcing Amicably
  • Extended Family
  • Marriage Preparation
  • Parenting
  • Resolving Differences
  • Sexual Satisfaction

Emotionally focused therapy deals with relationship repair issues in the present. It seeks to de-escalate a couple’s or family member’s negativity by opening up each person to the other’s point of view. Then, EFT works to restructure interactions around this better, more accurate understanding. It addresses fears, anxiety, and desires in language that isn’t guarded, accusatory, or closed off. Thus, couples and families discover how to be more forthright with themselves and others, more open, responsive, and accommodating. This leads to the final stage of emotionally focused therapy, consolidation where clients recognize how they arrived at or developed negative patterns of thought and expression. Further, they develop techniques to allow them to identify, confront, and change going forward.

Relationship Repair

/For any couple, there are numerous stressors. When work, school, and family obligations put ongoing or undue pressure on an individual, it is usually their relationships that suffer the most. This can come in many forms. For couples, both intimate and platonic, stress can create distance, it can lead to irrational demands, and it can cause conflict. Fortunately, counseling is a simple means through which individuals can participate in relationship repair. Here at Insight Into Action Therapy, we treat both the couple or family and the individual. This can involve trauma-informed therapy, mindfulness, or standard talk therapy like cognitive-behavioral therapy in conjunction with our EFT protocols.

No matter the situation, we strive to help couples as well as families identify, challenge, and overcome the negative practices causing division or distance in their relationships. This kind of relationship repair then brings individuals into a closer, more honest understanding of themselves as well as their partner, friend, or family.

Insight Into Action Therapy

Being healthy means more than just caring for your physical self. It also means seeing to your mental health. One of the major influences on an individual’s mental health is the quality of their interpersonal relationships. Thus, Insight Into Action Therapy offers relationship repair in the form of couples and family counseling using unique and effective therapeutic techniques.

Also, we provide several other therapeutic services, such as:

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