health effects of marijuana

Common Health Effects of Marijuana Abuse

Between work, relationships, and other daily tasks, there are a lot of stressors that people have to take on each day. It is normal to find ways to decompress and relax. However, not everybody makes the best decisions when it comes to winding down. It may seem harmless to partake in a recreational drug like…


What Medications Do and What They Don’t

This is a big question for patients. It speaks to individual and societal expectations that we collectively heap onto medications. We see advertisements with happier faces after taking a specific drug, that we should “Talk to your doctor about.” We know of people who are taking antianxiety and antidepressant medications for mental health symptoms ranging…

addiction recovery tips

COVID-19 and Addiction Recovery

One of the hardest things to do is stay sober during the pandemic. Addiction is a disease that puts individuals in recovery at a high risk of relapse. While many in addiction recovery already know to steer clear of emotional and physical triggers, the COVID-19 global pandemic has created new twists to maintain sobriety. Fortunately,…