Co-Founder Cyndi Turner developed the Alcohol Moderation Assessment to help people answer the question: Can I keep drinking? There is over 50 years of research that found that the majority of the drinkers experiencing problems can learn how to enjoy alcohol with reduced consequences. Take the self-assessment to see if you would be a good candidate to try alcohol moderation. Your results can help you decide if learning some tools could be beneficial in changing your relationship with alcohol or if abstinence might be a better choice for you.

Your score reflects your likelihood of being able to successfully practice alcohol moderation. If you scored more than 3 points, you may have a substance use disorder. It is strongly advised that you reach out to a professional for help.

< 0 Points:  Good chance of practicing alcohol moderation

1-5 Points: Fair chance of successful moderation

6-10 Points: Poor chance of practicing alcohol moderation

>11 Points: Unlikely to be able to successfully moderate alcohol use

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