man sitting next to lake at Virginia Addiction Treatment Center ProgramsAddiction isn’t uncommon. Every year millions in the United States struggle with some sort of substance use disorder or addiction. Substance use disorder occurs when individuals are unable to regulate their intake of drugs or alcohol. Such substance use can lead to dependency when the brain’s chemistry has been altered to a point where it needs the drug or alcohol to function normally. In this way, addiction is a disease requiring professional treatment if the individual hopes to heal properly. Fortunately, Insight Into Action Therapy’s Virginia addiction treatment center programs have the therapies and services necessary to help individuals get healthy again.

Who Needs Addiction Treatment?

Addiction can happen to anyone at any time. When it does arise, each person’s experience will be unique. Although there are similarities and occasional overlap, individuals need treatment crafter to their specific needs. Thus, our Virginia addiction treatment center makes it a point to customize care and work with clients, so they are put in the best position to succeed. Knowing what kind of treatment is necessary requires identifying what has prompted substance use. Some common disorders may include: 

Depressive Disorders:

Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder are among some of the most common mood disorders. Often, these are the conditions leading individuals to attempt to self-medicate. Routinely, individuals are unaware they are suffering from a depressive disorder. When this is the case, individuals desperately need professional help to give them the guidance they need to untangle their substance use disorder from their mental health disorder. And then, address both.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD):

If you have OCD, you may have the desire to repeat the same patterns over and again. Your mind can come to crave the same kind of stimulus. This makes individuals with this condition, especially susceptible to substance use disorder.

Social Disorders: 

A social disorder may be one of the most difficult to deal with because you use alcohol or drugs to give you ‘courage’ or to put you at ease in social situations. You may get to the point where you cannot function in a social setting without turning to drugs or alcohol. Social anxiety disorder is an intense and persistent fear of being judged by others as well as being around individuals. When left untreated, it can cause individuals to lose touch with friends and loved ones and can even result in a collapse in work or school performance.

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Programs at Our Virginia Addiction Treatment Center

Insight Into Action Therapy looks to find the root cause of an individual’s need to use substances while it treats the physical side of addiction. Thus, we offer several programs that provide individuals with the options they need to overcome substance use disorder. For example, we offer:

Dual diagnosis treatment:

For some clients, their substance abuse is a symptom of an underlying mental health issue. Unless both addiction and mental health are treated, neither can be resolved. Thus, clients often relapse. This treatment strives to prevent that. Insight Into Action Therapy has designed a unique dual diagnosis recovery program that goes above and beyond to get clients in the best possible position for lasting recovery.

Outpatient treatment:

Some individuals realize they have substance abuse issues and need treatment. However, they are unable to break away from the demands of work or family. The great irony is that without treatment, their relationships and work will suffer. Thus, Insight Into Action Therapy provides outpatient treatment to address the mental health issues as well as the physical side of addiction through medication-assisted treatment.

Take our Alcohol Moderation Assessment

Your score reflects your likelihood of being able to successfully practice alcohol moderation. If you scored more than 3 points, you may have a substance use disorder. It is strongly advised that you reach out to a professional for help.

< 0 Points:  Good chance of practicing alcohol moderation

1-5 Points: Fair chance of successful moderation

6-10 Points: Poor chance of practicing alcohol moderation

>11 Points: Unlikely to be able to successfully moderate alcohol use

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Do I have more than two drinks a day for men/one for women?

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Have I experienced trauma or have a PTSD diagnosis?

Am using alcohol to change my mood?

Has my alcohol use negatively affected my loved ones?

Do I have any mental health concerns?

Do I use any other non-prescribed mood altering substances?

Do I have any legal, probationary, or work issues?

Was I raised in a heavy drinking environment?

Have I had withdrawals from drinking?

Do I have elevated liver enzymes?

Have I experienced blackouts?

Was my first drink before age 15?

Will I review my alcohol use with my support system?

Do I have alcohol-free outlets or hobbies?

Am I willing to go through a period of abstinence?

Insight Into Action Therapy

Whether you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or a mental health issue like anxiety or depressive disorders, Insight Into Action Therapy is here to help. In our Virginia addiction treatment program, healing can begin and you can get healthy again. Also, they’ll learn techniques and coping skills to allow them to cultivate their mental health outside of treatment. Rather than letting mental health issues derail your relationships or interfere with work or school, reach out to us and take control back. We provide several therapeutic services and programs such as:

These alongside others, address relationships, mental health, and addiction issues. So reach out to us today at 703.935.8544 and explore how we can help you or your loved one.