We all experience similar life stressors, but manage them in different ways. Because you are unique, your therapy will be tailored to fit your individual needs.
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How Therapy Works

Clicking with your therapist is important. Your initial appointment is as much an evaluation of your needs as it is an opportunity for you to see how well you connect with your therapist.

During your first session we will learn about you, gathering a bio-psycho-social history, a list of symptoms, and your goals for therapy. We will look at what methods you have tried in the past and talk about what has or has not worked for you. This will help us to develop your initial treatment plan together. We will also determine the frequency needed for ongoing sessions or treatment.

Preparation for your First Session

To prepare for your first therapy session, try to identify in what areas you are struggling, where you are stuck, and where you believe you are already succeeding. We will turn your  Insights Into Action.

LGBTQ Clients

Several of our Insights Into Action Therapy therapists are trained in the needs and challenges of our LGBTQ community members. We do not, however, support conversion therapy.

Accepting New Clients

Insight Into Action Therapy welcomes new clients into our practice. We accept self-referred clients as well as medically-referred and court-involved clients. During COVID-19, we continue to provide our services through telehealth virtual appointments.

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