a doctor explaining clinical supervisions to a patientTo ensure a high quality of care, Insight Into Action Therapy conducts clinical supervision to make sure our mental health professionals and substance abuse counselors and therapists can continue to improve patient safety and increase the effectiveness of treatment. Clinical supervision offers future clients as well as current patients significant improvement in the process of care received. It is a process that results in a reduction in psychological symptoms for those patients struggling with mental health disorders because it improves how caregivers conduct treatment.

What Does Clinical Supervision Accomplish?

There are a variety of definitions for clinical supervision. However, the goals of clinical supervision are fairly consistent across healthcare fields. For instance, our goals at Insight Into Action Therapy include:

  • Enhancing the skills of supervisees as well as their confidence while treating patients
  • Offering emotional support to clinicians
  • Sustained professional development
  • Ensuring therapeutic services remain safe, ethical, and competent in compliance with all professional standards and practices

Clinical supervision is formal and disciplined. Yet it is based on developing a working relationship or fruitful rapport between supervisor and supervisee. It is a way for a more experienced clinician to pass along expertise to a less experienced, but eminently capable colleague. Of course, the goal is to improve the supervisee’s work with clients, ensure client welfare, and enhance the supervisee’s professional development.

It can be draining and emotionally taxing for counselors and therapists working daily with distraught individuals. Although therapists strive to support their clients, they also need support and uplift. By discussing cases, treatment strategies, assessment techniques, and any other stressors felt during the job, clinical supervisions allow counselors and therapists to engage in their own self-care. This, in turn, makes them more valuable, useful, and effective to patients.

Our Mental Health Supervision

Mental health counseling is a challenging field. Those who enter into it are committed and compassionate. However, there is always room for improvement, both professionally and personally. Our clinical supervision practices see supervisee work alongside a supervisor learning from their caseloads and observing their treatment methods. The two discuss these techniques and experiences. Often, the supervisor will conduct an evaluation or test of the supervisee to ensure they’re prepared to move on through the professional ranks.

Here at Insight Into Action Therapy, Cyndi Turner provides clinical supervision for at least two years. She is a board-approved supervisor for LCSW, LSATP, MAC, and CSAC, NCAC. She works with people working towards licensure as an LCSW and the varying substance use disorder credentials.

This process is also conducted for those working in our substance abuse counseling. It is a means to keep individual care providers licensed and credentialed. During the clinical supervision process, supervisees work one-on-one with a credentialed counselor learning how to handle group therapy sessions, the latest psychological techniques for treatment, and ways to improve their practice of therapeutic methods like cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, or acceptance and commitment therapy.

Insight Into Action Therapy

Insight Into Action Therapy is here to help individuals address any mental health issues, or addiction issues may be struggling with. We offer a wide range of therapeutic services to treat mood and behavioral issues as well as substance use disorder. Our clinical supervisions care conducted by accomplished and experienced clinicians. This allows us to act as teachers, coaches, mentors, and role models to advise and guide other medical professionals.

We strive to help patients, new caregivers, and medical professionals learn the techniques and coping skills to allow themselves and others to cultivate positive mental health within and outside of treatment. We provide several therapeutic services and programs such as:

These alongside others, address relationships, mental health, and addiction issues. So reach out to us today at 703.935.8544 and explore how we can help you or your loved one.