We all are able to imagine how substance use disorder — the abuse of drugs or alcohol — can lead individuals to make poor decisions. Sometimes these decisions result in encounters with law enforcement such as DUIs. Other times individuals must prove to the court they have addressed their issues. In either case, court-involved treatment arises.

Here at Insight Into Action Therapy, we provide court-ordered evaluations and therapy for substance- and alcohol-related charges. This may include a clinical interview, psychological evaluations, and a urine drug/alcohol screening. Whatever the particulars of the situation, we make it a point to collaborate with our client’s attorney to meet the requirements deemed necessary by the court. We offer a range of therapeutic services addressing substance use disorder as well as mental health counseling.

judge with gavel ruling on court involved treatmentWhat Is Court-Involved Treatment?

Simply put, court-involved treatment is when a court of law mandates an individual receive mental health or addiction therapy. In many cases, when individuals receive a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) charges, rather than be sentenced with jail time they are instructed to complete a rehab program. Usually, individuals need to complete a set course of treatment or log a certain number of hours to satisfy the court. Here at Insight Into Action Therapy, our mental health experts can make sure clients receive their court-mandated treatment and address their issues.

There are many areas where court-appointed treatment or therapy is deemed necessary. Some common instances of court-involved treatment include:

  • Substance abuse: Abusing drugs and alcohol can lead to poor decisions. When the consequences of these decisions bring an individual before a court of law, sometimes getting treatment for substance abuse is the best answer. In this instance, individuals can enter a diversion program so they can avoid jail or prison time.
  • Mental health treatment: Getting the proper mental health treatment is routinely a precondition to receiving some other benefit from the court, like parole or probation.
  • Custody: Individuals are sometimes required by the court to seek treatment for substance use problems or any one of a variety of mental health concerns (depression, anxiety disorders, or PTSD) in order to be granted custody of their children. Demonstrating that one can remain sober or is actively seeking support to heal from addiction or mental health issues can be a precondition for custody or for granting standing to pursue it. Insight Into Action Therapy can provide guidance and treatment to help clients achieve the custody outcomes they desire.

Alcohol Safety Action Program

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, individuals who have been convicted of a DUI often find themselves enrolled in an Alcohol Safety Action Program or ASAP. These programs are each administered locally and provide probationary oversight for those who have been referred from a court. As an approved Commission on Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP) treatment provider, we will complete the required evaluation and provide therapy as required. Evaluations can be scheduled within 48 hours and there are no waitlists to enter the program. Treatment typically consists of a twelve-week education/process group and drug/alcohol screenings.

Insight Into Action Therapy

Court-involved therapy can be an opportunity for individuals to address their mental health or substance abuse issues. At the same time, it satisfies requirements placed upon them by our legal system so that they can remain free and achieve their goals. There is no shame in getting the support you or a loved one needs. At Insight Into Action Therapy, we are prepared to help you along your journey in recovery.

Through our professional attention, clients regain control over their lives from addiction or mental health issues. In addition to court-involved treatment, Insight Into Action Therapy provides the following therapies and treatments:

Thus, no matter your needs, our team of experts can get you or a loved one the care and resources necessary to heal and grow. So reach out today at 703.935.8544 and explore the services we provide.