patient shaking therapist hand at virginia psychiatric counseling center programsMental health issues, if left untreated, can become debilitating. Although many don’t think of them as physical diseases, mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) can have severe physical symptoms. Therefore, it makes sense to care for one’s mental health, at least to the same degree as one does one’s physical health. Part of doing so may involve exploring what Insight Into Action Therapy has to offer in its Virginia psychiatric counseling center programs.

Benefits of Psychiatric Counseling

Individuals can feel overwhelmed and hopeless when they are struggling with mental health issues. Paying attention to mental heal is vital because, for many of us, how we think and feel will affect or direct our actions. When a mood disorder is left untreated, it can lead individuals into risky behaviors and dangerous decision-making putting their relationships, work, or school in jeopardy. However, psychological counseling gives individuals the resources they need to identify, address, and overcome their mental health issues. In counseling, individuals learning more about their particular condition and work alongside their therapist to heal from it.

Some common benefits our Virginia psychiatric counseling center programs include:

  • Improved communication and interpersonal skills
  • Greater self-esteem
  • Ability to change and challenge negative self-image and habits
  • More appropriate and positive expressions of emotions and management of them
  • Relief from depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions
  • Increased confidence in decision-making
  • Improved problem-solving and conflict resolution abilities

How Our Virginia Psychiatric Counseling Center Programs Help

Outpatient Treatment: Often, when individuals have an underlying mental health condition, they will self-medicate. Usually, drugs or alcohol temporarily relieves the anxiety, stress, or discomfort they are in. However, it only masks mental disorders and increases the risk of addiction. When substance use becomes an addiction, individuals can benefit from an outpatient treatment program. In the Virginia psychiatric counseling center programs, we offer at Insight Into Action Therapy, individuals can get the help they need to address their physical addiction as well as the (usually unknown to them) mental health issues they are experiencing.

Psychiatric evaluations: When you go to see a doctor, they invariably examine you and run tests. This is true if you are merely there for a routine check-up or to inquire about some specific physical issues. Doctors have a set of procedures they run through while examining you. They ask questions, may take a blood sample, or, in some cases, have an x-ray or EMRI done. We don’t really think much of these tests other than they have to be done to monitor our health or to determine what is ailing us. In the same way, when addressing your mental health, doctors need to perform a series of tests or evaluations. Psychiatric evaluation allows therapists to understand what is going on with a client’s mind. It is a diagnostic tool allowing for better treatment. 

Insight Into Action Therapy

Being healthy means more than just caring for your physical body. At Insight Into Action Therapy, we believe good mental health requires the same attention as physical health. Our Virginia psychiatric counseling center programs are just one means to maintain and cultivate good mental health. Also, when mental health issues do arise, our team at Insight Into Action Therapy is vastly experienced and committed to care. Therefore, we provide several other therapeutic services, such as:

Whether you or a loved one is in need of specific treatment for addiction or a mental health issue, we offer programs that will help improve mental health. So reach out to us today at 703.935.8544 to learn more. Explore our options and discover how we can help.