If you live with a behavioral disorder like borderline personality disorder, you may know how hard it can be to escape emotional distress and impulsive behaviors. Behavioral disorders can upend your life by causing legal troubles, destroying friendships, or even provoking suicidal thoughts. These extreme symptoms can be extremely debilitating if you do not seek the right care. Our professionals will use innovative treatments like dialectical behavior therapy with the Insight Into Action outpatient treatment program. This can help you get onto the path to your wellness.

What Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

dialectical behavior therapyA dialectic is a convergence of two ideas. Typically, these ideas may conflict. An example of this might be a snowstorm in the middle of summer. In most places, summer brings hot weather, so you may not expect the season to bring inclement weather that is typical for winter. When you apply a dialectic to behavioral patterns that do not serve you, it will help you recognize and own the pattern. Once you gain this insight into your actions, the goal is to replace that behavior with one that better serves you. In this way, you weigh seemingly opposing behavioral choices to help yourself improve your behavior.

Dialectical behavior therapy or DBT is a type of therapy that helps you identify and change your thinking. By replacing negative patterns of thought, you can pave the way for positive changes that can improve your life. DBT will help you to focus on acceptance of your life experiences. But it will also teach you to balance that acceptance with the understanding that change is necessary and important. Your healthcare professional may assign homework to practice your new skills. You will also learn to track your moods, behaviors, urges, and skills. By understanding your cycles, you can overcome behaviors such as self-harm, obsessive thoughts, lying, and disrespecting your self-esteem.

Is DBT For Me?

DBT was originally designed to treat suicidal behaviors. However, practitioners quickly found it useful for borderline personality disorder and other treatable mental health issues. DBT may prove useful for you if you are struggling with an illness that presents the following types of consequences:

  • Challenges your ability to feel a sense of well-being
  • It affects your workplace productivity and camaraderie
  • Threatens your safety or the safety of others

DBT is an important therapy for individuals who have difficult-to-treat illnesses or who exhibit high-risk behaviors. It can also be beneficial for those with co-occurring diagnoses.

Symptoms Treated By DBT

DBT is especially effective for the treatment of mood disorders. Some of the symptoms that this type can treat of therapy may include the following:

  • Anger and aggression
  • Moods change very quickly
  • Emotional distress
  • Suicidal behavior or thoughts
  • Sensitivity to rejection
  • Impulsive behaviors leading to legal troubles

If you live with any of the above symptoms, you know how hard it can be to get through daily life. DBT can help you to manage your symptoms.

Stages Of DBT

DBT enhances coping skills by focusing on several key ideas. These ideas are explored throughout the four stages of DBT.

  • Stage One: Behavioral Control: The first stage treats severe behaviors while acclimating you to the recovery process. Distress tolerance is key to this stage, as you will learn to feel intense emotions without destructive coping mechanisms like self-harm.
  • Stage Two: Emotional and Cognitive Adjustment: Emotional regulation will be introduced in this stage. This means you will learn to recognize, label, and attempt to adjust emotions.
  • Stage Three: Interpersonal Application: You will begin to use the skills you have learned to improve your relationships. This means navigating conflicts that arise and interacting assertively.
  • Stage Four: Sense of Self: Mindfulness is a tool that you may learn to help you to become more aware of yourself in relation to others. This practice should help you to steer yourself to fulfilling needs like connection and finding joy.

As you can see, DBT is a powerful tool that can help you navigate your world more authentically.

Learn More About DBT at Insight Into Action Therapy

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