If you find yourself struggling with mental health issues, you may feel overwhelmed by how impersonal therapy services can be. But outpatient mental health treatment can be the step that helps you to move forward and reclaim control of your everyday life. The fear that you may find yourself ushered along the conveyor belt of therapy services can be a deterrent to seeking out real and lasting help. However, with Insight Into Action Therapy, you will get the individual treatment you need to address your mental health diagnosis’s complex needs and attain your personalized therapy goals.

What Does Individual Therapy Include?

individual therapyInsight Into Action Therapy offers individual therapy from professionals who embrace a holistic treatment approach. Holistic mental health treatment is a philosophy that embraces treating the whole person. This means that you will get the one-on-one therapy and individual care you that need to thrive. Your body and mind are interconnected so that you may experience physical symptoms of a mental health disorder. Often individuals who are struggling with mental health may also turn to substance use to cope with emotional and physical symptoms. With dual-diagnosis care, all these concerns can be taken into consideration for your therapy plan.

Goals of Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

Stabilization is the most immediate treatment goal when you seek assistance with your mental health issues. This can require inpatient care or hospitalization, depending on your symptoms and level of need. However, the next step following stabilization is often outpatient mental health treatment. One-on-one therapy is an important part of this treatment and can help you define and work toward wellness with a team that understands and listens to your personal needs. Some of the following goals may be included for your individual therapy:

  • Stabilize crises.
  • Recognize and readjust to mood cycles.
  • Better handle major stressors.
  • Learn new coping mechanisms.
  • Apply your learning to your daily life.
  • Identify changeable behaviors and notice how they affect your decision-making.

When your care team understands your individual therapy needs, you can receive the best care possible for your mental health condition. When your emotional and physical symptoms are handled, you may find it much easier to manage your daily life.

How Can One-On-One Therapy Benefit My Everyday Life?

Individual therapy can support your journey to wellness by giving you the right treatment options for your personal care needs. Your caregiver will take the time to find what works for you and to help you integrate new changes into your lifestyle. This can benefit your life in the following ways:

  • Sleep better.
  • Meet positive life goals.
  • Reduce risks for health complications.
  • Find ways to support your community better.
  • Have the energy to give back in meetings and your individual community.
  • Learn to cultivate your calmness.
  • Improve your quality of life.
  • Connect better with loved ones, co-workers, and friends.

The benefits of finding the right mental health support can completely revitalize your life. While it is immeasurably difficult to determine when you may need help or how to go about finding that help, you can find solace in knowing that Insight Into Action Therapy can help you take positive steps toward your personal success.

Receive Meaningful and Lasting Care with Insight Into Action Therapy

If you have been searching for individual therapy or one-on-one therapy options, consider reaching out to Insight Into Action Therapy at 703.935.8544 today. Our caring professionals can help you complete the right individualized treatment plan to meet your personal needs. You can also complete our secure online form to learn more about our programs. Gain insight into your actions with Insight Into Action Therapy. We look forward to helping you customize your individual care plan.