Addiction is a disease that can negatively affect many aspects of your life, including your close family relationships. If you have been struggling with speaking with family members about addiction, it is important to find the right support. With Insight Into Action’s group therapy program, you can invite your family to better understand the complicated journey to sobriety. At the same time, you learn to communicate with those that you care about productively. Mend relationships today with our addiction counseling for families.

Group Therapy Programs For Addiction

Addiction counseling is a well-known aspect of the healing process for those who are moving beyond rehabilitation and into sober living. In group therapy, a therapist will lead a small group of individuals who have similar goals. Group therapy is beneficial as a safe space to model new communication skills. While extroverted individuals may find this type of space more helpful, introverted individuals may discover that group therapy is a place that provides an opportunity to express complicated emotions. Typically, group therapy programs will offer you a chance to tell your story and benefit from hearing about the ways that others have learned similar lessons. Most group therapy programs will include individuals that are processing different levels of their addiction, which can mean that you will make new connections with people from all walks of life.

How Is Family Counseling Different Than a Group Therapy Program?

family therapyFamily counseling is unique in that it engages your family members in a specialized form of group therapy. This encourages each participant to understand better addiction processing and the finer points of an aftercare program. By engaging professionals with family participants, each loved one can better learn how to support your journey as you incorporate your new sober self into the family dynamic. Even if your road to recovery did not begin with an intervention process, your family might be aware that the road to recovery is a complicated one. Family therapy can help you all gain perspective on addiction as an illness. When addiction is treated as an illness, it can be treated as an illness, as well. This means that professionals and family will work with you toward positive gains. Here are some of the positive benefits of family therapy:

  • Repair and grow family relationships.
  • Facilitated encouragement helps to prioritize your recovery.
  • Family members can find new resources that may better help them support addiction recovery.
  • Having a facilitating therapist model strategies for successful communication can help the whole family learn and enforce healthful modes of coping.
  • Develop your sober self in a helpful and safe space.
  • Identify generational substance issues or hereditary addiction can avoid future cycles.
  • Everyone can learn new and helpful communication styles.

Addiction counseling for families can support you by helping to locate the ways that your family life may have enabled addiction. Working together offers cohesion that can help you to reach the goal of sobriety as a group. Building trust after addiction has affected relationships can be difficult, but with the right facilitator, family counseling can help you start over from a place of trust and deep caring.

Gain Insight With Family Therapy Today

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