Preventing Holiday Overindulgence

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the season of overindulgence. We will eat, drink, and spend too much. There are many parties to attend, gifts to purchase, things to decorate, and people to visit. The extra chores and activities demand time and take us away from our healthy routines of working out, eating well, and getting enough sleep. Instead we check one more item off the shopping list and finish wrapping that last gift.  We eat too many seasonal treats and take an extra helping of holiday dishes rationalizing: we only get this once a year.

The holidays should be a time of celebration and togetherness not just about food, drink, parties, and shopping. I spent the last two years researching and writing about the topic of moderation. While the book’s title indicates that it is about drinking, one Amazon reviewer noted:

This is a book for everyone to read. We’ve all either had some issues with different ‘addictions’ (Food, Chocolate, Gambling, etc.) or have been affected by others who do. The various techniques she suggests arthankgiving-imagee applicable to not only addressing addictions but various forms of stress in any of our lives.”

 I encourage you use the book as a resource to help you stay in balance. I want you to celebrate the holidays not regret choices you made. You may save yourself a few pounds of weight gain, hangovers, fights, or even a legal charge.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the treats, but focus on relationships and strive to keep your life in balance!

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