Covid-19: A Middle Schooler’s Experience

Sitting at home with nothing to do would seem like the ideal thing that any student or kid, for that matter, would want. But that’s not necessarily true.  The Coronavirus has spread across the globe with its contagious wrath causing chaos and mass panic.

News reports tell us it has a very significant chance of killing the elderly and causing harm to young adults and teens.  While we all take the necessary precautions to wash our hands and keep safe.  This virus is not just affecting the body, but as well the mind.

I was just 3-days into the quarantine and it built up and came out. I was on my porch with my dogs while talking with my mom. I told her I wanted to go back to school and said “I never thought I’d ever say that” then shed a few tears. I even told her “I don’t even know why I’m crying” she held me and told me I’d be ok. It does take a toll on your brain.

As states have imposed social distancing and quarantine guidelines, students are stuck at home not able to visit and hang out with friends or play the sports we love.  So, what do we have X-Box, PS4, Nintendo which you think wouldn’t be an issue.  But it eventually gets boring.  How much gaming can you do?  I miss and need human interaction, it fuels us.  It helps build character, it allows us to get thoughts and ideas off our shoulders.  Even with your parents and siblings it gets repetitive and everyone needs variety to stay sane – nobody wants to eat chicken every day for a month.  In short, I miss school, my friends, and my teachers.  I understand that quarantine is for safety and like everything in life the virus will eventually pass. It will be a story that I can tell my children and grandchildren.

Find some way to speak to a friend. Maybe just set aside an afternoon to talk over the phone…

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