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January 9, 2018

Miracles Within Miracles

Unblinded is the true story of Kevin Coughlin who became suddenly blind due to a rare genetic disorder known as Leber’s. Twenty years later, without medical intervention or explanation, his sight miraculously began to return. But that’s not the full story. At the lowest point of his life—blind, jobless and…
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FamilySchoolSubstance Use/Process Addiction
November 1, 2017

Is Your Teen Partying Too Much? When To Intervene

With homecoming parties and celebrations after football games going on throughout our area, the topic of teen drinking is very relevant this fall. As parents, we try to find balance in our parenting style. We want to let our kids have experiences that bring them happiness and fun. We sometimes…
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FamilyMental HealthSubstance Use/Process Addiction
September 26, 2017

Help! This is More Than a Phase

What do you do when your teen is using drugs or alcohol? The first time you caught them, maybe you referenced the D.A.R.E. Program, maybe you grounded them, or maybe you took away their electronics.  You likely had a sit-down conversation that substance use was not acceptable.  You eventually moved…
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August 30, 2017

A Parent’s Thoughts About Back to School

So I left work early last week. I rushed home to be there in time for when my middle schooler got off the bus. I know she doesn’t like to be home alone. While catching my breath and eagerly waiting to hear how the first day went, I got a…
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FamilyMental HealthRelationship
March 7, 2017

An Alternative Way to Resolve Conflict

People deal with conflict most every day. Many of them turn to litigation and the use of the legal system to resolve disputes. But the court system costs too much, takes too much time and involves uncertainty, loss of privacy and an adversarial win-lose mentality. Frequently, the outcomes from the…
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FamilyMental Health
February 8, 2017

Playing to Heal: 5 Benefits of Play Therapy

 As a busy parent, it is difficult to manage all of your child’s needs and wants, including having to get them from orthodontist appointments to ballet classes to soccer practices to tutoring sessions. With everything on your plate, the idea of bringing your child to play therapy may seem like…
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FamilyMental HealthRelationship
December 20, 2016

Making a Plan for Family Media Management

The holiday season is almost here, and in many households that means festively-wrapped packages full of brand new phones, tablets, and other media devices. The holidays also brings school breaks, and with them an abundance of free time that kids – and parents – are sure to fill by spending…
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FamilyMental HealthRelationshipSchool
December 13, 2016

Psychological Testing Explained

Perhaps your child has recently been having behavioral problems and their pediatrician suggested that a psychological assessment may be helpful. Or maybe you have been feeling overwhelmed and your therapist recommended that you have a psychological evaluation. You may have even seen psychological tests being administered in movies or television…
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FamilySubstance Use/Process Addiction
November 22, 2016

Preventing Holiday Overindulgence

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the season of overindulgence. We will eat, drink, and spend too much. There are many parties to attend, gifts to purchase, things to decorate, and people to visit. The extra chores and activities demand time and take us away from our healthy routines of working…
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