Only about 6% of the population can be classified as alcoholics, yet most treatment facility programs are designed as if all drinkers were alcoholics. Nearly 90% of treatment facilities expect complete abstinence from alcohol.

We are not one of them.

At Insight Into Action Therapy, we can help you determine if you can continue drinking, and give you the tools to implement a Moderate Drinking Plan. While it is important to have substance-free time, we will not discharge you from treatment if you relapse. We see relapse as a learning opportunity, a chance to review what is not working.

The book “Can I Keep Drinking? How You Can Decide When Enough is Enough” by Cyndi Turner, LCSW, LSATP, MAC was written for the 90+ million people who struggle with alcohol in the United States. Most people will avoid getting help for fear of being labeled an alcoholic, forced into treatment, made to attend 12-Step Recovery meetings, and ordered to stop drinking completely. We challenge these beliefs and teach you how to have a better relationship with alcohol.

As if you were sitting in our practice, you receive easy-to-follow tools, checklists and quizzes to guide you through the process of answering the question, “Can I Keep Drinking?” Included throughout the book are the first-person accounts of people just like you and their struggles with drinking.

The “How Do I Know if I Can Keep Drinking?” Quiz offers you positive and negative predictors for whether you are a candidate for moderate drinking, and prepares you to develop and implement your own Moderate Drinking Program. Take the quiz and use the tools to regain balance in your life.

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“Drinking alcohol is like eating donuts. Having one or two occasionally is not going to hurt you, but having several a day will eventually lead to serious consequences.” –Cyndi Turner


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