Are You SAD?

By | Medication, Mental Health

Do any of these sound like you during the winter months? Have a depressed mood more days than not Loss of interest or pleasure in activities you once enjoyed Increase in appetite, especially for carbohydrates Increased sleep Loss of energy or increased fatigue despite extra sleep Increase in restlessness or…

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Suicide: A Psychiatrist’s Perspective

By | Mental Health

We have recently heard news of high profile celebrities completing suicide. As tragic and eye opening as such news is, this psychiatrist’s opinion is that the discussion has been superficial and speculative. It also, rather unsatisfyingly, concludes by only offering up the national suicide hotline. What appears to missing from…

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Is Smart the New Average?

By | Family, Mental Health, School

You’ve heard it from friends, family, relatives, neighbors, other parents, teachers and you’ve possible said it yourself: “My kid is smart.” But what does smart mean?  What is it? How do you quantify it?  Depending on the context in which it is used, Merriam–Webster defines smart as an adjective, verb, and a noun;…

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Parenting is Cruel

By | Family

So your family and friends visit and tell you how sweet and precious they are; this little miracle, this bundle of joy, this beautiful child that depends on you for everything.  They tell you how lucky you are and how you are going to embrace and love every moment as a parent,…

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