Alternative Solutions for Anxiety

Brian looks like he has the perfect life. He has a well-paying job, nice house, great wife, and two amazing kids. But his anxiety was like a dark cloud that threatened to ruin everything. He struggled with anxiety and debilitating panic attacks for years. He often isolated at home and work, spending a lot of time worrying about the future. He went through periods of time when he was irritable and lashed out at his wife and kids when he was feeling overwhelmed with stress. He stopped exercising and made unhealthy food choices resulting in low energy and poor self-esteem. He would have panic attacks that were so bad that he thought he was dying. Once he ended up in the emergency department.

When Brian was at the end of his rope, his wife  encouraged him to do something different. He’d been to therapist where he just talked and did not get any solutions. He also tried medication, but it made him groggy.

Brian’s wife found Insight Into Action Therapy for a fresh approach to treat his anxiety and panic attacks. Brian reluctantly came to Insight to explore some new options. He was able to be open and honest about the things he was experiencing and the impact it had on his life. He worked with his therapist at Insight to determine a treatment plan to address his anxiety that included CBT, Mindfulness and Alpha-Stim technology.

Brian started attending weekly therapy sessions which consisted of talking about the triggers for his anxious symptoms, incorporating mindfulness practice following disclosure of anxious feelings to help re-connect with the present. He also started integrating the Alpha-stim device for 40 minutes during his 50-minute weekly therapy sessions with the therapist. He was initially reluctant to start with the Alpha-Stim, but after his therapist talked with him about the research-backed evidence for its effectiveness to increase alpha waves in the brain, he felt more comfortable trying the device. He immediately began noticing changes in his anxiety. He was able to recognize the build-up of his symptoms earlier on and began to work through his fears and worries before they became consuming. His overall stress level went down and he had more patience when interacting with his family and colleagues at work.

Brian purchased his own device in order to increase the frequency that he was able to use it from weekly in sessions to daily use at home. He put a plan in place to use the device every morning prior to starting his workday. He continued to practice mindfulness outside of his therapy sessions every evening.

In the last two months, Brian reported experiencing no panic attacks since he started working with his therapist. This was something he had been unable to achieve in the past. Brian reported better sleep since he was not laying awake at night with excessive worry about his future and over-thinking the events of his day. He has told others about how the device, in addition to therapy, has shown him results he had not seen in the past.

Alpha-Stim technology is a safe, fast and effective option for the relief of Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia and pain. Sessions usually last 20, 40 or 60 minutes depending on the frequency of use. The current can be increased to the most appropriate individual level. Results may be experienced for a few hours following the use of the device, with a cumulative effect with more frequent use. Those with anxiety and insomnia typically feel results in 3-4 weeks, those with depression typically see results in three weeks of use.

Angie Harris, LCSW, LSATP, MAC, MA, Craig James, LCSW, LSATP, MAC, and Cyndi Turner, LCSW, LSATP, MAC are all trained at integrating the Alpha-Stim device into your treatment plan for Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia and pain. Give them a call at (703) 646-7664 or email to learn more about how the device can help you if you are struggling with these issues.
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