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August 20, 2019

Why Are There Toilets in the Juul Room? 

E-cigarettes Through the Eyes of a Loudoun County Teen Walk into any high school or middle school bathroom. Do you smell something fruity? Something minty? That’s not air freshener. Our school bathrooms have turned into Juul Rooms. The administrators sometimes even lock the bathrooms because so many kids are vaping…
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Out and About
August 6, 2019

National Sports Medicine Institutes Annual Sports Medicine Conference

On Friday August 2, 2019 Craig James was a speaker at the National Sports Medicine Institute’s, 2019 National Sports Medicine Foundation Annual Sports Medicine Conference. The two-day conference was held at the Shenandoah University - Ashburn Campus for athletic trainers, many local and some traveled as far as Michigan, to…
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August 6, 2019

Is Contemporary Culture Re-defining ADHD?: Lessons Derived from Limitless

For an eight year old movie, the issues that Limitless raise remain as contemporary as ever: What are the actual indications for stimulant pills? What does it say about those living in modern, western culture that they seem simply unable to function without them in modern workplace culture? If so, does…
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