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June 2017

Mental HealthRelationship
June 23, 2017

Nobody Wants A Dyke Daughter

In celebration of LGBT Pride Month, a brave teenage shares her story about coming out to her dad and offers tips to parents: Nobody Wants A Dyke Daughter That was basically what my father said when I told him I’m gay. He did use somewhat nicer words, but his message…
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Substance Use/Process Addiction
June 14, 2017

Making Summer Plans? Be Sure to Include Summer Sobriety Plans

When we think of summer we often think of relaxation, days off from work, and time with friends and family. However, staying sober or continuing your moderation management plan through the summer months can be a challenge, even for those in long term recovery. Summer is often associated with pool…
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Mental HealthSubstance Use/Process AddictionTrauma
June 5, 2017

Alcohol and Trauma: Drinking as a Way to Cope with the Past

Check out Cyndi’s most recent article on entitled,  Alcohol and Trauma: Drinking as a Way to Cope with the Past. You've decided to seek help for substance abuse, but how do you know where to start looking for help? These considerations can help you find the right support.
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